More than 10 years ago a new model of training in sustainable design, cooperation, and entrepreneurship for a more environmentally and socially-friendly building culture was born.

ECOWEEK was created by Yale-graduate Dr. Elias Messinas, who as a young architecture student met and was inspired by the late Egyptian architect Hassan Fathy. Fathy, urged Elias to empower young professionals to be of benefit to their communities. After years of education, research, training, and practical experience, Elias and the ECOWEEK team developed in ECOWEEK two important ingredients for sustainability: environmentally and socially-conscious design and action.

ECOWEEK welcomes universities, student groups municipalities and NGOs to host ECOWEEK design programs and workshops to educate and train students and young professionals in co-operation and sustainable design, to engage in placemaking and interventions in the public realm. ECOWEEK workshops are design and hands-on design-build projects in real sites, which, in addition to their educational and training value, leave a positive impact on the ground. ECOWEEK programs inspire and empower young students and professionals to become catalysts for change.

ECOWEEK is celebrating 10+2 years of activity! ECOWEEK in 17 countries, in 28 cities around the world, has initiated, organized or co-organized 30 international conferences, involving ECOWEEK members from 56 countries, and more than 200 sustainable design workshops for more than 4,000 students of architecture, landscape architecture,engineers and design, that affected the daily lives of thousands of people of various ages locally. In addition, ECOWEEK has initiated, organized or co-organized exhibitions, lectures, panel discussions, eco-festivals, entrepreneurs' workshops, and informal educational activity for the general public, numerous film screenings and young designers' competitions.

is an international non-governmental non-profit organization with the mission and passion to raise awareness on environmental issues, Climate Change and to promote the principles of Sustainability. First established in Greece in 2005, ECOWEEK is active in more than 15 countries. ECOWEEK NET has a network of students and young professionals in more than 50 countries.

We look forward to growing our activity together! Join us!
ECOWEEK ... habits change ... climate change

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ECOWEEK published The Workshops, its new edition of tens of ECOWEEK workshop projects from cities and real sites around the world from 2009 to 2016. Includes projects by Greenhouse teams in Greece and Israel.

If you joined ECOWEEK in Greece, Israel, Italy, Denmark, UK, Poland, Romania, Kosovo, or Turkey, your team and images of your project may be in this publication! Read online

ECOWEEK 2014-2015 CATALOGUE in Prishtina Kosovo is ready!

View the new ECOWEEK 2014-2015 Catalogue of the ECOWEEK workshops on sustainable design in Pristhina, Kosovo. Edited by the team of architect Argjira Krasniqi. more

The ECOWEEK 2013 catalogue including projects in the Middle East - Tel Aviv, Azaryia, and Bat Yam - and a complication of ECOWEEK workshop and GREENHOUSE projects since 2009 in Athens, Thessaloniki, Milano, Rome, Krakow, Belgrade, Jerusalem, Azaryia, Al-Wallajeh, Tiberias, Tel Aviv, Holon, Rishon, and more cities around the world. Read online

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Ecoweek - conference & workshops Thessaloniki
Ecoweek - conference & workshops Thessaloniki
Ecoweek - conference & workshops Thessaloniki

Ecoweek - conference & workshops Thessaloniki
Ecoweek - conference & workshops Thessaloniki


ECOWEEK - New Nordic Living Opening
ECOWEEK - New Nordic Living Closing
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"ECOWEEK is a green adventure, to open up our imaginations. Marta Pozo, MVRDV
We are very excited to work on a real project. Elena Barthel, RURAL STUDIO
"ECOWEEK has truly made a difference in our lives and our profession! :)
"One of the best programs for students!